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Review of MySpace Application for S60

by Leo M [leoofborg@gmail.com]
Last Update: Monday, February 26, 2007 | 17:59

Please note that this is a very testy, subjective review. If you want a real analysis go read a real computer magazine.

MySpace is the very buggy social network that is purportedly the idea of Tom Andersen and some other guy. Acquired by Rupert Murdoch. If you want to read about it more, try Valleywag. With that out of the way....

About a month ago, while Opera Mobile was choking on MySpace I became curious about the new MySpace - Cingular service that included the ability to post pics from your phone directly to MySpace. Except on the Nokia 6682. You've been warned.

What follows is my 'review' (read: bagging on) this so-called 'service' of MySpace and Cingular. If you're going to pay $3 a month.. here is what you're going to get.

The MySpace S60 App

Here's the login window for the app. It launches rather slow on my Nokia 6682 (the US crippled version of the 6680 used by Cingular).

While the 'Email' is retained, the password is not. Hassle.

Note the wasted space above and below. At least 1/3 of the screen is wasted on title and -2- Options controls. There's no context here. The user gets to gamble which 'Option' is which. Who wrote this thing? Tacky. Confusing.

Also, it seems that the devs were really lazy and chose the default font, our old friend -Chicago-. Perhaps the ugliest font you can put in an application, PC or Mobile.

It's not just in the phone menus but -everywhere-.

Here's another screen that the user will see quite a lot of. The MyS App loads really slow.

Did I mention it was slow?

In addition to the waste of screen space??

Compare this behavior to either Opera or the Gmail App, both of which are free to Cingular S60 users.

Did I mention that Chicago was a heinous screen font??

It is.

Here's another fit of super genious from Tom-Tom's hackers.

Not using the phone's built in menus.

These menus seem to spotaneously 'appear' out from under the 'Home' icon, which is only accessable via...

..wait for it....

..one of the 'Options' menus. When the menu is shown, the Options on the right turns to 'Cancel'.

All of this should have been put in the phone menu.

Here's another bummer. If you have one of those happyfun Flash based slideshows in your Profile those hackers at MySpace haven't figured out how to do non destructive editing of your profile.

In plain English. If you edit your Profile with the app, you stand to lose data. Like the <embed> code for your slideshows.

My friend Sam has a cool pic here.

Where is it?

Answer: It might load. Eventually. Cingular is using the slow slow Edge network. They might go to real 3G.. but not in my lifetime. Or maybe when I retire and don't care anymore.

And this app is supposed to integrate with Cingular? Bah. I don't think so. Of course, this is Cingular's bad and not totally MySpace's.

Add to this that you cannot load your pictures from the Nokia 6682 and this is a losing propostion all around. This -is- MySpace's bad.

Now we come to the Comments part of the App. Let's do the checklist:

Now we should probably see how it -should- be done...

Opera Mobile's Small Screen Rendering....

Contrast this with what I consider the King (King!!) of S60 mobile browsers, Opera. They may not have the Desktop, but the Opera folks have done a great job in the mobile space, especially with their small screen rendering feature.

Take a gander at that mug.

The picture loaded. Wicked quick despite Cingular's network.

The picture is optimized by Opera in Small Screen Mode. Note the mixed use of fonts from the web page.

And a full screen mode -- all phone menu keys work! With no 'Menu' or 'Options' displayed.

Note also the razor thin scroll bar.

Did I mention that I have no problem uploading pics from Opera? Now I did..

Starting at the top of the MySpace user 'Home' page as seen here gives the user some color and contrast as well as the real tools like pic uploading, captioning, etc.

My recommendation to Cingular S60 users or Blackberry users is to stick with your web browsers and avoid the MySpace $3/mo service.

Advantages: No banner advertisments. Greater probability of logging in.

Disadvantages: Poorly designed. Slow. Hard on the eyes. Good luck in seeing any pictures.

Recommendation: Avoid like the plague. I'm going to cancel it... ha ha.